The Ensign magazine contacted me a few times earlier this year to see if I would create something for them, but each time either the project wasn’t a good fit for me, turn-around-time was too quick, or my schedule was too full. Finally they presented me with a fantastic story, and I couldn’t resist. My team scrambled to concept, gather wardrobe and models, and we produced this image -including all post production artwork-  in less than a week and a half!

Thank you Jocelyn for your magic with hair and makeup, and helping with styling. Thanks to my amazing friends at Hale Center Theater Orem for always blowing my mind with wardrobe and customer service. Thanks to my friend Stephen Anderson for providing me with such wonderful sketches at such short notice. Last but not least a huge thank you to Ingrid and her children for modeling, and putting up with my madness.

©Copyright 2013 Bryan Niven

©Copyright 2013 Bryan Niven

Here are some of the sketches that we bounced around until we finalized the concept, the creative process is one of the best parts about my job.

sketch by Stephen Anderson

sketch by Stephen Anderson


sketch by Stephen Anderson

sketch by Stephen Anderson

New Christmas ad comes to life!

Hey everyone, Bryan here, it’s been a while since I have been able to personally reach out and say hi. This time of year is always busy for advertising, and I am excited to finally be able to show one of the images we have been working on!


Sketch by Stephen Anderson


©Copyright 2013 Bryan Niven

This particular image I created for agency Red Rider Creative! The pre-production on this image was intense! We juggled three sets of wardrobe from Hale Center Theater Orem’s Archive Costumes, Provo’s Taylor Maid, and Halloween City, and everything needed to be just right! We even got to use a genuine antique revolver, and vintage microphone for some of the props. On set we had a wooden frame constructed to support the positions of our models, and a fan blowing Marilyn’s dress. Poor Elvis had pretty sore thighs the next day after holding a squatting position with Dorothy on his back for a couple hours. I can’t wait to show you a video of all the craziness! My production assistant Trisha Smith, who has been working for me throughout this last year went all out for this production, and even recruited her fellow BYU students for several of the models. It was awesome to work withall of them. Hair and make up by my friend Jocelyn Brown was a huge endeavor, and she worked miracles, and made all our models look great. Of course, this couldn’t have happened without my assistants Tyson Rollins, and Stephen Brockbank. The post-production on this image was very time intensive, with endless hours of illustrating in Photoshop. You’ll have to watch the behind-the-scenes video to see how things looked before and after. Till next time my friends. Check out my website to see the large version of the image!


Bryan at Camp 4

Hey everyone! This summer Bryan expanded his business by renting some office space in addition to his studio, and right across from the Frontrunner station in Provo.

While Bryan frequently travels for inspiration and photo shoots, the final magic happens back at a computer. Since the beginning of the summer, Bryan has been working in an office called Camp 4 with several other Entrepreneurs in Provo, Utah. It’s an awesome, collaborative but independent place to work.

Here’s a picture of the grand opening, and an awesome article that includes a description about Bryan they used at the Grand Opening.





Hale Center Theater

Have you been to the Hale Center Theater in Orem? Bryan was able to create the play poster “In the Heights,” playing this October and November. The musical celebrates community and culture, which is exactly what Bryan captured in this piece:


Wallaroo Media

Bryan recently finished working with Wallaroo Media, a digital marketing agency in Utah. Such a unique company name needed a unique company image – and that image definitely needed a couple wallaroo’s in it. You can see the final project in action on their website.


Christmas in July

Everyone loves a little Christmas in July.

Did you know that Bryan creates an image for Red Rider Creative every year? Here’s a behind the scenes look at creating last year’s picture:red_rider_BTS_3


Can you tell what picture was created based on these photos?


I don’t know if the picture gave it away, but this dog is HUGE. “Sherman” is the name of both the tank and the dog. Can you guess who was named after whom?  As with all of Bryan’s artwork, there was a lot of preparation involved. Just trimming Sherman’s (the dog) hair for the picture took an hour. We hope you enjoy Sherman as much as Bryan did.